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      Working hours:

           Monday to Saturday

           (8:00 AM-5:00 PM)  



      Cell:86+13616677227 (Sunny)



      Official website:www.master32.com

      Food Waste Disposal DSKZI-560A

      Food Waste Disposer 100V-220V Character: 1.Disposer outer shell is double hollow structured, which can lower noise level and reduce disposer volume to save kitchen spaces. 2.Aluminum grinding system with a lifespan of 13 years 3.Unique 2-stage grinding system 4.Blunt, durable grinding lugs that can rotate 360 degree 5.Overcurrent and overload double protections 6.Air starting design, safe and easy to operate 7.Fast locking technology, easy to install 8.Self-developed time-control equipment (optional accessory) 9.CE, ROHS, ISO, CQC approval

      DSKZ-560A food waste disposal

      DSKZD-560A food Waste Disposal 5 stages grinding system,1/2 Hp,1500ml capacity,AC motor,114mm feeding mouth dimensions,110V-220V

      DSB-390 kitchen food waste disposer

      Food Waste Disposal-DSB-390A/B Patents: Unique appearance design patent Deep groove ball bearing connection patent that can enormously lower noise level Unique food inserting plugs

      DSW-560 kitchen food waste disposer

      DSW-560 kitchen sink garbage disposer 3/4 Hp,560W,1480RPM/1780RPM,1500ml capacity,AC motor,with air switch,114mm feeding mouth dimensions

      DSM-560 kitchen food waste disposer

      DSM-560 food waste disposer: 3/4 Hp,560W,1480rpm/1780rpm,AC motor,114mm feeding mouth dimentions

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